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Let your feminine Energy Flourish

Let your feminine Energy Flourish

What is Famine Energy?

Feminine energy is the energy of taking action and expressing emotion. This energy is creative and nurturing. It is connected with intuition and feelings rather than analysis or rational thinking. It is the energy of compassion, kindness, and caring. Feminine energy is also associated with gentleness, receptiveness, and the ability to surrender and trust. Femininity is not based on biological sex, but instead reflects the attitudes and behaviours we associate with femininity, such as empathy, gentleness, and emotionality. Feminine energy helps us to look inward and be in touch with our feelings, create special moments, and nurture ourselves and others.

One way to embrace one's feminine energy is to take the time to nurture your physical and psychological well-being. This can be done through dedicated self-care practices like getting regular exercise, taking some time for yourself to read a book, eating nourishing meals, or engaging in creative activities. This may look different for everyone. Taking the time for yourself to do some journaling and reflection, for example, things that made you feel good and things that didn't feel so good, by writing them all down may give you some clarity. Set some new healthy boundaries if needed, and create a list of nurturing things you would like to incorporate into your life. By doing these activities, they may help you feel happier, grounded, and fulfilled, unlocking your natural power.

Bare Self Chocolate is a wonderful way to incorporate your feminine energy into your life. You can start by eating a small piece of your favorite Bare Self chocolate in the morning or in the afternoon as a way to treat yourself to something special.

Her Chocolate was designed specifically to fulfill and support your body's cycle naturally, helping to support you all month long. The herbs infused in Her Chocolate are Shatavari and Licorice Root, both of which are hugely beneficial for women's reproductive health. By simply adding Her Chocolate to your days, you can get an emotional boost while also helping you to tap into your natural femininity.

We are all on different journeys, so if you're a Mama-to-be, we have created a delicious and nourishing Pregnancy Chocolate for you ladies. This beautiful chocolate is a little reminder that it is an important part of pregnancy to care for yourself and to indulge, nourish, and rest.

Our beautiful Breastfeeding Chocolates have been designed with mothers and babies in mind, encouraging mothers to take some time to nurture and nourish their bodies as they are giving so much of themselves in this chapter of their journeys.

Enjoy Flourishing into your Feminine Energy!

Love Jas x Chloe x Nat


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