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Flourish with your Flow

Flourish with your Flow

As a women we should all be proud of our cycles and embrace our periods as a chance to reset, renew and realign. By welcoming our cycles is an opportunity to connect more deeply to our inner self and our femininity also the world around us.

Rather than viewing our periods as something embarrassing or shameful, together as women let's view it as an opportunity to take a break and to nurture ourselves both physical and mentally. Taking this time to tune into our bodies and allow menstruation to act as a reminder to slow down, this may bring more balance and perspective into our lives.

Taking pride in their bodies as we approach our cycle with gratitude and acknowledgement for the incredible strength it takes to go through all the changes that come along with it. Celebrating the power and strength of our menstruation cycle and by creating sacred ritual around it, this may embracing our natural rhythm instead of viewing our menstruation as inconvenient. 

Here at Bare Self we have designed Her Chocolate specifically to fulfil and support your body’s cycle naturally. The herbs infused in Her Chocolate are Shatavari and Licorice Root which are both hugely beneficial for women’s reproductive health. This 70% dark chocolate uses the finest cacao, with zinc, iron and magnesium, which our body needs during our period. Her Chocolate is able to support you in gaining these vital nutrients. 

We are passionate about food as medicine and mindfully curated each product to help women embrace self love and self care easily and tastefully by nourishing their body.

With Love & Respect Chloe, Jas & Nat xxx

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