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Our Favourite Mothers Day Gifts

Our Favourite Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day is an important holiday to celebrate and appreciate the loving bond between a mother and her child. It is a special day to honour and recognize all the hard work and sacrifices that mothers make for their families. Mothers are the heart of the family and the backbone of the home. They provide unconditional love and support, and are often the first responders to any crisis in the family. Mother's Day is a day to show our appreciation for all that mothers do for us and to show our love and gratitude. It is a day to express our heartfelt thanks and to let them know how much they are valued. Mother's Day is a special way of reminding us to say thank you to the woman we love and cherish the most

Gifts for mothers on Mother's Day can be as unique as the mother being celebrated. 

7 of our fav Brands for Mother's day gifts

Bare Self

Bare Self offers 3 unique chocolates that enhances every phase of a women journey.


Her Chocolate was designed specifically to fulfil and support the female body’s cycle naturally. The herbs infused in Her Chocolate are Shatavari and Licorice Root which are both hugely beneficial for women’s reproductive health. This 70% dark chocolate uses the finest cacao, with zinc, iron and magnesium, which our body needs during our period and all month round. We have 3 delicious flavours original, salted Caramel and Rose Delight.

Bare Self Pregnancy Chocolate is a little reminder that it is an important part of self care to indulge, nourish and rest. With added ingredients that are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre, potassium and folate. All of which are known to improve immune function and assist in the healthy development of your baby.

Bare Self breastfeeding chocolate has been designed with mother and baby in mind, encouraging mother to take some time to nurture and nourish herself as she is giving so much of herself in this chapter of her Journey.Our breastfeeding chocolate has herb Blessed Thistle and also with brewers yeast. These two supplements were chosen specifically for their benefits in stimulating and supporting lactation.

With Love Chloe, Jas & Nat xxx


Mamako is here to restore your confidence. For too long we've hid our hormonal hair-loss. Developed by one of Australia's hairdressers, we pride ourselves on being both Australian-made and owned.

Australian ingredients including Lemon myrtle, Illawara Flame tree, Flannel extract, Macadamia, Tasmanian blue gum. Other ingredients include - Dragon fruit, Argan, Elderflower, Jojoba, Almond oil and so so much more.

Our products are made with the intention to deliver the highest quality product to the market that is Vegan, Organic and Cruelty free.

Incorporating self-care into your day-to-day life whilst nourishing and enriching your life with chemical-free products is what we strive for.

Restore your confidence, because you deserve it.

Team Mamako x


Mama & Bird Skincare is an Australian made and owned skincare brand, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to create luxurious skincare solutions that bridge the gap between a woman's existing skincare routine and her evolving pre and postpartum needs. Choosing a pregnancy skincare routine is often a minefield of conflicting information. The list of endless do’s & don’ts can be confusing and overwhelming for expectant mothers. Mama & Bird Skincare are passionate about simplifying this unnecessarily complex decision, by offering mothers the most natural, non-toxic, results-driven skincare to support them, and their children, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. We are dedicated to listening to expectant mother’s skin concerns, so that we can mindfully curate multi-functional body products that women love using.   


           OMM Label

OMM Label is not your average breastfeeding brand and is like nothing else on the market. This is quality ethical clothing for damn cool mums. We like our messaging relatable, and our mothers empowered! 

Motherhood is hard enough, so we're here to make getting dressed the easy part. We want you to feel comfortable to breastfeed wherever, whenever you need and to feel amazing within yourself.

Our modern basics are made by mothers for mothers, and designed to be  your sidekicks through your breastfeeding journey – and beyond!   




Daiisy was born of the idea that all women should have access to high quality, handmade, luxurious products that work to support their pregnancy, birthing, postnatal and breastfeeding journeys.

I am Dayna, a registered midwife, mother of four, diploma qualified beauty therapist, The Oxytocin Hour podcast host and the creator of Daiisy. I have been blessed to have been emersed in the birth world as a young girl; having been exposed to birth stories, breastfeeding and taking care of newborns from the very beginning with my sisters, aunties and cousins. I became a mother at a young age and raised my beautiful son Max while I studied to become a beauty therapist. It was after the transformative water birth with my second child Avalon that I decided that midwifery was my calling, although my love for all things nature, beauty and aesthetics shone strong (I’m a Taurus, what can I say?). I worked hard to achieve my bachelor’s degree (even having my third baby, Aluna, during the mix!) and landed my dream job as a registered midwife at a large hospital in Queensland. Here is where the magic happened…

The women, their babies and their families changed my life. I dove deep into my work and shared my knowledge and support with all those I cared for. Being a midwife is truly a privilege and one I will never take for granted. I noticed that what pregnant and postpartum mothers needed was honest, pure and quality products to support their journeys and I had a huge bank of knowledge over my years to create and provide these for women.

In 2020, when I was on maternity leave after birthing my fourth child, Lennox, I decided to bring Daiisy into the world. Choosing a business name wasn’t that hard! My husband has called me “Dayzie” since the day he met me and daisies symbolise childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings. I have used and created all of the products we sell during my own pregnancy, birthing, postpartum and breastfeeding journeys. I have done my best to ensure that the majority of our materials and ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably in Australia. They are Australian, hand made and have so much love poured into them.

My hope for you is that you are held, supported and triumphant.

D xx


Coco & Myrtle

What started as a journey to improve their health, grow their family and lead them on a journey to remove all unnecessary chemicals and toxins from their home. Coco & Myrtle founders Gemma & Clint- started making natural soap and products in their tiny home kitchen to use and to give family and friends as gifts. 

Tired of seeing complicated ingredient lists on natural products (ingredient lists you need a university degree to understand….) They were determined to use the highest quality sustainable oils, pure essential oils and vegetables to bring you 100% natural products that not only work but are safe for the whole family and kind to the environment.

 Living in the Scenic Rim, ‘The food bowl’ of Southeast Queensland, surrounded by an array of local produce and ingredients, got this creatively dynamic duo thinking…. “we must use these amazing ingredients in our products!”

Cucumbers, Carrots, Beetroots, Corn, Beans, Creamy Jersey Milk and Olive Oil are just some of the amazing local goodness their products feature.

 Every Coco & Myrtle product is guaranteed palm oil free, cruelty-free and handcrafted in small batches here in Harrisville.

Friends and family loved what they made and encouraged them to take the plunge to open their own business. Fast forward to today, Coco & Myrtle collaborates with many local farmers and producers, has a loyal customer base, a variety of stockists across the country and a busy farm gate shop on location in Harrisville, Queensland.

If you’re new to the world of natural products, we’re so glad that you’re here. We can’t wait for you to try our products.

 With love, C & M


Stass & Co


 “Connecting with Self
is a daily affair”

My mission with Stass & Co is to share the life-changing benefits of self-care and daily ritual through deep nourishment of the lymphatic system. Practicing daily ritual allows us an opportunity to be present and grounded, creating space for more dedicated silence and reflection. For me, this usually comes in the form of meditation, yoga, journaling, dry body brushing and a walk on the beach.  

I believe self-care rituals empower us to pause and reconnect. I believe a healthy lymphatic system is the key to a connected Self.

Through this lymphatic-focused practice, I blend the outer and inner journey. Dry Body Brushing helps to soothe and relax the entire being. Having tactile input that stimulates the nerves in the right way, calms our brain and lowers the fight/flight response, which in turn helps lower the output of stress hormones.

Just a few minutes of the powerful daily practice of dry body brushing is all it takes to calm your entire nervous system.



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